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Code of Business Conduct

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Our Commitment

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is committed to conducting business with integrity and in accordance with all federal, state and local laws. We are proud of our honest reputation, due largely to the ethical business conduct of our employees. We have established a code of conduct that sets standards and rules for ethical business practices for all employees, the members of our board of directors and all of our business partners. We are pleased to provide this code of conduct for your review. Any questions or comments about the code of conduct may be directed to Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Compliance Officer, at 501-378-2577 or compliance@arkbluecross.com.

The code is divided into a statement of principles and 12 standards. You may click on the underlined text to see the details of each section.

Statement of Principles

Strive for Ethical Professionalism. We should each strive to maintain a professional environment that considers ethics and compliance an integral part of all of our business decisions.  

Standard 1

At a Minimum, Ethical Professionalism Requires Legal Compliance. For this reason, we must conduct company business in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual obligations at all times.  

Standard 2

Report Data Truthfully and Accurately. We must each take special care to ensure that information is recorded and reported accurately and honestly.  

Standard 3

Follow Company Record Retention Policies. We must each ensure that all business records are retained in accordance with the company's record retention policies.  

Standard 4

Protect Confidential Information. We must each protect the integrity of confidential information at all times.  

Standard 5

Avoid Conflicts of Interest. We must each ensure that we do not engage in activities that conflict with, or are otherwise incompatible with, our responsibilities as company employees.  

Standard 6

Don't Offer or Accept a Bribe or Kickback. Do not accept favors from potential business partners in exchange for your business decisions, and do not offer favors to potential customers in return for business.  

Standard 7

Always Remember That the Government Is a Unique Customer. We will conduct our government business with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.  

Standard 8

Compete Ethically and Fairly. We must take special care to avoid engaging in anti-competitive activities or unfair trade practices.  

Standard 9

Treat Government Investigations as Serious Matters. We will cooperate with all government investigations and reasonable requests for information.  

Standard 10

Safeguard Company Assets. Company employees should not use company assets for personal reasons unless they receive specific prior approval from their supervisor.  

Standard 11

Don't Engage in Improper Political Activities. Because the company's ability to participate in political activities is constrained by federal, state and local law, all organizational political activity must be cleared by the company's legal department.  

Standard 12

Recognize That the Company's Greatest and Most Valuable Asset Is Its Workforce. The company is committed to maintaining a safe and professional working environment for all of its employees and to ensuring that all employees are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.