HealthConnect Blue: Informs. Supports. Transforms.

Through HealthConnect Blue, you can connect to resources that inform you about how to take charge of your own health, support your decision to live healthier and then transform you into a healthier person — 24/7. Eligible members can connect to health resources online by registering for My Blueprint.

Personalized Health Tools

The online experience begins after you take the Health Risk Assessment. After the assessment is complete, the online programs, articles and information are personalized based on your needs! It's all about you.

So what will you find to help you with your personal health goals?

  • A health information library with videos, quizzes, interactive games, downloadable MP3 files and more
  • Self-paced healthy living programs to help you get in shape, stop smoking, eat better, manage stress, fight cancer and diabetes, keep your kids healthy, and much more


Nurses are available 24/7 to help you understand medical tests or recent diagnoses; give advice on how to care for minor injuries or illnesses; help you prepare for your next doctor's visit; understand the side effects of your medications; and help you make healthy choices in your daily life ... at no extra charge to you.

Health Education Programs

These programs can help you manage your health issues by mailing you the latest information and resources available. These free programs include:

Get started on your personal health goals today by registering for My Blueprint!