Blue Distinction CentersSM

Blue Distinction CenterBlue Distinction® is a designation awarded by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies to medical facilities that have demonstrated expertise in delivering quality healthcare. The goal is to help consumers find quality specialty care on a consistent basis while enabling and encouraging health professionals to improve the overall quality and delivery of healthcare nationwide.

At the core of the Blue Distinction program are the Blue Distinction Centers for Specialty CareSM. These facilities are recognized for their distinguished clinical care and processes in the areas of:

The designation of Blue Distinction CentersSM is based criteria established by leading medical specialists and societies and medical evidence that are made available to the public. This helps you understand what's behind this quality designation. The goals are:
  • To encourage medical facilities to improve the overall quality and delivery of healthcare, resulting in better overall outcomes for patients.
  • To support consumers as they identify medical facilities that best meet their needs.

Blue Distinction Centers are a key part of the Blues' effort to collaborate with doctors and facilities to improve the overall quality and, therefore, affordability of specialty care.

If you are a physician or hospital administrator interested in learning more or applying for the Blue Distinction designation for your medical facility, visit the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association website.